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Comparação analítica entre resultados da glicemia em bovinos obtidos com glicosímetro portátil vs método enzimático / Comparative analysis between portable glucometer and enzyme method for measurement of blood glucose levels in cattle

Helayel, Michel Abdalla; Cunha, Nathalie Costa da; Moron, Sandro Estevam; Silva, Paulo César Amaral Ribeiro da; Cunha, Isabelle Magalhães da; Chenard, Marina Galindo; Xavier, Márcia; Carvalho, Vivian de Assunção Nogueira; Nunes, Guilherme de Souza; Lopes, Samara de Paula.
Acta sci. vet. (Online); 48: Pub. 1734, 2 junho 2020. tab
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-29431


Background: Changes in glycemic levels can negatively affect the body. Several techniques for the measurement of bloodglucose have been described, but the enzymatic method is considered standard and more accurate in both humans andanimals. The College of American Pathologists recommends the use of portable glucometers (PGs), which are routinelyused in human medicine because this is an easy, relatively inexpensive method that delivers results quickly. The aim ofthis study was to compare the results of the measurement of blood glucose in cattle obtained using portable Accu-Check®glucometer with the enzymatic method (EM), which is still considered standard.Materials, Methods & Results: Thirty crossbred cattle (Bos taurus), male and female, of different ages were evaluated.Through a puncture of the jugular vein, 10 mL of blood was collected, and one drop was immediately used in an AccuChek® PG; the remaining blood was stored in tubes containing sodium fluoride and tubes containing EDTA. The sampleswere packaged and sent to the laboratory for processing. Blood glucose was measured in the sodium fluoride samples using the enzymatic-colorimetric method (EM) employing Labtest® glucose kits with automatic ELISA spectrophotometerreadings. The glycemic values obtained in this study with PG and EM ranged from 62 to 163.3 mg/dL. Mean glucoseconcentrations for the PG and EM methods were 93.53 mg/dL and 94.84 mg/dL, respectively, with no statistical difference(P > 0.05). The glycemia measurement results generated by both tests were normally distributed by the Shapiro–Wilk test(P > 0.05) and equal variances by the Levene test (P > 0.05). (AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1