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Características do comportamento hiperativado de espermatozoides de felinos domésticos / Characteristics of the cat sperm hyperactivated behavior

ALMEIDA, Ana Beatriz Marques de; HIDALGO, Myrian Megumy Tsunokawa; TRAUTWEIN, Luiz Guilherme Corsi; SOUZA, Aline Martins de; MARTINS, Maria Isabel Mello.
Ci. Anim.; 30(04, Supl. 2): 214-218, 2020. tab
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-32327


Sperm hyperactivity is a physiological behavior, and in the feline species it is characterized by an increase in the curvilinear velocity (VCL) and a greater head beat (ALH) evaluated by the CASA system. The study aimed to compare and correlate kinetic parameters of Hyperactive and Non-Hyperactive feline ejaculates when considering the means of VCL and ALH. Ejaculates were collected by electro ejaculation from 21 cats. The seminal samples had the kinetic parameters evaluated by the CASA system. From the average values of VCL and ALH, the ejaculates were classified in group HP (Hyperactivated, when VCL>190.17µm/s and ALH>6.44µm) and NHP (Non-Hyperactivated, when VCL<190.17 and ALH<6.44 µm). A T test and Pearson's correlation were performed with a significance of p<0.05. Among the groups, were detected higher values of total (HP: 68,2% vs NHP: 35,9%) and progressive (HP:40,1% vs NPH: 17,18%) motility, VAP (HP: 165,85µm/s vs NHP: 97,72 µm/s), VSL (HP:137,63µm/s vs NHP 82,6µm/s), VCL (HP: 237,31µm/s vs NHP: 147,94µm/s) and ALH (HP: 7,28µm vs NHP:5,42µm) for the HP group. There was a correlation in the HP ejaculates between total and progressive motility. In the NHP group, a correlation was observed between motility and progressive motility, and between progressive motility and STR and LIN. It was concluded that HP spermatozoa have a higher curvilinear speed, while NHP spermatozoa stand out due to their straight path.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1