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Electrical conductivity, pH and potential acidity in soil fertilized with poultry litter compost / Condutividade elétrica, reação do solo e acidez potencial em solo fertilizado com composto de cama de aves

dineildineildineildinei; Antonio Pasqualini, Alexandre; Maria Roncato Duarte, Keila.
B. Indústr. Anim.; 71: 39-39, 2014.
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX-Express | ID: vti-467045


Brazil produced in 2013, around 13.1 million tons of poultry meat, which generates 10.7 millions of tons of poultry litter. The practice of adding residues from poultry or manure residues to the soil demands a monitoring to realize the correct use on the treatment of the soil as a biofertilizer to prevent the impact by excess of mineral elements into waters and soil. This work aimed to study the effects of poultry litter compost used in soil over the electrical conductivity (EC), pH in CaCl2 and soil potential acidity (H + Al). Treatments studied were five doses of poultry litter compost 0; 20; 40; 60 and 120 Mg/ha. Soil was classified as a haplorthox, sampled in 20 cm deep, dried, sieved and homogenized with the following chemical initial composition: pH CaCl2= 4.9; H+ Al3+= 31.0 mmol/dm3; electric conductivity = 36.4 /cm. Organic compost was obtained by biodigestion in an aerobic fermentation during 60 days. Compost was then artificial dried at 55ºC for 48 hours. Results from organic compost analysis of N, P, K, Ca and Mg were 29.4, 39.3, 25.5, 92.4 and 11.8 g/kg, respectively. Organic fertilizers were homogenized and sieved in 3 mesh sieves, corresponding to a free opening of 0.67 cm and mixed to the soil. The experiment was carried out in a green house, in a randomized blocks design with five replications. The incubation and neutralization curves were determined in dried s
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