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Leaf-chlorophyll level in forage assessed by Dualex, Spad-502 and Nitrogen Nutrition Index / Nível adequado de clorofila foliar em forrageiras avaliado pelo Dualex, Spad- 502 e Índice de Nutrição Nitrogenada

dineildineildineildinei; Atauri Cardelli de Lucena, Marcia; Maria Roncato Duarte, Keila.
B. Indústr. Anim.; 71: 25-25, 2014.
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX-Express | ID: vti-467221


The use of nitrogen in forage foment the animal production system sustainability, increases the yield, the perennial state of pastures, soil structure and agribusiness profits, allowing adjustments on the  management and pastures use. The leaf nitrogen (N) concentration is directly associated to chlorophyll amount (Chl). It can be measured by different types of sensors as Dualex 4 Scientific and SPAD-502 which gives instant values corresponding to N and indirect values for nitrogen nutrition (NNI). This work aimed to estimate chlorophyll values from leaf corresponding to SPAD values associated to NNI=1.0 (which indicates the N concentration or critical N not limiting for forage development). The experimental design was a randomized block in a factorial 4 x 4 setup, with four genotypes of Urochloa (syn. Brachiaria) U. brizantha cv. Piata, U. brizantha cv. Marandu, and two interspecific hybrids denominated H69 and H12 and four nitrogen levels (0; 75; 15 0 and 225 mg/dm3 ), provided by urea, with five replications, in pots (3.34 dm3). The soil was a Quartzipsamments containing 9% clay, 90% sand and 1% silt. The evaluations were performed on plants of 52 days after sowing. Chlorophyll amounts were determined by sampling the third medium of the leaf blade from a third of the expanded leaf, from the apical, using the Dualex 4 Scientific and Minolta SPAD 502 and NNI was calculated as
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1