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Total number of tillers of different accessions of Panicum maximum Jacq. / Número total de perfilhos em diferentes acessos de Panicum Maximum Jacq.

Perez Granato, Thiago; Rocha Terra, Suleize; Prudêncio de Campos, Fábio; Teixeira de Mattos, Waldssimiler; Gerdes, Luciana; Pozar Otsuk, Ivani.
B. Indústr. Anim.; 69: 2-2, 2012.
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-467478


The productivity of forage grasses is due to continuous emission of leaves and tillers, ensuring the restoration of leaf área after cutting or grazing, thus ensuring the sustainability of forage. This study aimed to asses the total number tillers in different acessions of Panicum maximum Jacq. The experiment was carried in field belonging to the Instituto de Zootecnia located in Nova Odessa / SP. Evaluated two new accesses Panicum maximum, and two commercial cultivars. The cultivars tested were Aruana, Milenio, NO 2487, NO 78, and the two latter belonging to the Germoplasm Collection of the IZ. The experimental desing was in randomized complete block with four replications. The experimental area consisted of 16 plots of 10 m2 (5 x 2 m) each. The experimental area was analyzed and according to the results, received dolomitic limestone corresponding 2t /ha, two months before the implementation of the experiment. Sowing was made by broad costing together with 80 kg/ha of P2O5 in the form of single superphosfate. After 60 days of implantation of the experiment it was a made a leveling of the plots to a height of about 15 cm. After this it was applied 250g of the 20-00-20 fertilizer/plot. Thirty days after the standardization it was evaluated the total number of tillers of the cultivars, using a metal frame of 0.5 x 0.5m which was thrown at random on each of the 16 plots, leaving on
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1