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Ingestive behavior of Nellore and Bonsmara cattle during the feed efficiency test / Comportamento ingestivo de bovinos Nelore e Bonsmara durante teste de eficiência alimentar

Marchi Maiorano, Amanda; Eugênia Zerlotti Mercadante, Maria; Noely dos Santos Gonçalves Cyrillo, Joslaine; Figueiredo Martins Bonilha, Sarah; Helena Branco, Renata; Geraldo Ribeiro, Enilson.
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-467748


This study was conducted to describe the ingestive behavior in Nellore and Bonsmara cattle during the feed efficiency test. The test was performed at the Centro APTA Bovinos de Corte Instituto de Zootecnia, Sertãozinho, São Paulo State. Twenty-three Nellore and 19 Bonsmara calves, aging 276 ± 19.2 and 278 ± 29.2 days and weighing 246 ± 26.7 and 273 ± 30.7 kg, on average, at the beginning of the test, respectively, were used. Animals were randomly located in individual pens, during four periods of 28 days, being the first period a pre-test adjustment period. Calves were fed twice a day, with the same diet. Daily the amount of food offered was adjusted in order to maintain 5 to 10% of refusals. Dry matter intake (DMI) was calculated by the difference between food offered and refusals. Animals were weighed each seven days. Average daily gain (ADG) was obtained by linear regression of weights in days in test. Feed conversion was obtained by the DMI:ADG ratio. Ingestive behavior was measured three times, every 28 days, excluding de pre-test period. Observations lasted 24 hours, with records at intervals of five minutes. The behavioral traits analyzed were: bunk attendance duration (BAD), rumination time (RT) and idle time (IT) expressed in minutes per day. Data were analyzed using the PROC MIXED procedure (SAS 9.3). The model included the fixed effects of period, breed and weight
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