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Análise da influência do treinamento intervalado de alta intensidade nos marcadores lactato e glicose sanguíneos em ratos Wistar / Analysis of high intensity interval training influence markers in blood glucose and lactate in Wistar rats

Pinto, Daniel Vieira; Peixoto, Daiana Suely; Vasconcelos Filho, Francisco Sérgio Lopes; Ceccatto, Vânia Marilande; Evangelista, Janaina Serra Azul Monteiro.
Ci. Anim.; 25(3): 15-18, 2015. graf, ilus
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-481228


Physical exercise has been shown to be an important means of prevention and treatment against many diseases. One factor is always highlighted the intensity of the activity. This study used an adapted protocol of high intensity interval training. Were evaluated biomarkers lactate and glucose. This study was approved by the Ethics Committee for the Use of Animals from the State University of Ceará registered under number 2542310/2015. The animals were previously adapted for 10 days with increasing speed up to 0.8km \ h. The stress tests were done in steps of 3 minutes of intense activity for 2 minutes of rest. After determining the maximum capacity of the animal was made the training consisted of a 2 minute activity at 80% of maximum, followed by 4 minutes of rest. Before and after each exercise period, blood samples were collected for lactate tests, samples for glucose testing were collected just before the activity and after completion of all speed tests. They were obtained as results the increase of lactate and glucose levels in the post exercise. The lactate values and ranged from 0.5 mmol / L at rest and increased to an average of 1.7 mmol / L in 2.0 km / h. Blood glucose values were 120 mg / dL to about 170 mg / dl after training. Thereby indicating that the protocol used took the animals to a stress level higher than the rest, possibly due to intense physical activity.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1