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Nonvolant mammals in habitats of the Caatinga scrub and cloud forest enclave at Serra da Guia, state of Sergipe

Adriano da Rocha, Patrício; Ruiz-Esparza, Juan; Beltrão-Mendes, Raone; de Souza Ribeiro, Adauto; Augusto Torres Parahyba Campos, Bruno; Francis Ferrari, Stephen.
R. bras. Zoo.; 16(1, 2, 3)2015.
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX-Express | ID: vti-482594


There were identified 19 species of nonvolant mammals on the Serra da Guia region, municipalities of Poço Redondo - Sergipe and Pedro Alexandre - Bahia. The samplings were conducted between December 2008 and August 2009, in two different areas: Caatinga dry scrub and a Cloud Forest enclave, in which were placed 10 Sherman type traps, within three nights per month. To mid and large mammals species, existing transects of 1,000 m were traveled, searching for tracks, sightings, feces or vocalizations. Among sampled species, only Leopardus tigrinus is in the IUCN Red List, classified as Vulnerable (VU). Regarding the differences between the study sites, some species were sampled only in exclusive areas, as: Monodelphis domestica and Thrichomys laurentius to Caatinga dry scrub; and Marmosops incanus, Trinomys albispinus and Oecomys catherinae to Cloud Forest. Continued studies may provide more information about the mammal diversity and the role of Cloud Forest in the maintenance of such diversity, to the Caatinga Biome.
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1