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Avaliação pós-operatória da fixação esquelética externa em 29 cães: estudo retrospectivo / Post surgical evaluation of external skeletal fixation in 29 dogs: a retrospective study

Rezende, C. M. F; Oliveira, H. P; Penha, E. M; Melo, E. G; Borges, N. F; Doretto, J. V.
Arq. bras. med. vet. zootec; 58(2): 283-286, abr. 2006. graf
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX | ID: vti-6835


In this retrospective study 29 dogs of both sexes of several breeds, were evaluated. Complications of external skeletal fixation were common. The most frequent post-surgical complications were chronic pin track drainage or pin loosing (11; 37.9%), followed by dry crust at the skin-to-pin interface (5; 17.1%). In five cases (17.1%) occurred the healing of the fracture without complications. In three dogs (10.4%) occurred nonunion and it was used another fixation method. It was observed individual cases of poor limb use (3.5%) or breakage of the pin (3.5%) or of the acrylic column (3.5%). Pin track drainage or loosing was related to the owners care. The most did not come back to the hospital as was demanded or did not follow the instructions to inspect the apparatus daily. This behaviour contributed to increase the rate of post-surgical complications. The external fixation has the advantage to be less invasive and can be used to treat closed and open fractures, limb deformities, nonunion and infected fractures.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1