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Rootstock on vine performance and wine quality of 'Syrah' under double pruning management

Dias, Frederico Alcântara Novelli; Mota, Renata Vieira da; Souza, Claudia Rita de; Pimentel, Rodrigo Meirelles de Azevedo; Souza, Laís Cristina de; Souza, André Luiz de; Regina, Murillo de Albuquerque.
Sci. agric.; 74(2): 134-141, Mar. - Apr. 2017. ilus, graf
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX | ID: vti-686681


In the Brazilian Southeast, the production of high quality wines is attained by a new management approach called double pruning. This management changes the harvesting of wine grape (Vitis vinifera L.) from wet summer to dry winter through a two pruning procedures carried out during the year. The first pruning is done during the winter to induce a vegetative cycle (all clusters are removed) and a second pruning is done during the summer to induce the reproductive cycle. In this study, ten different rootstocks were compared in order to optimize yield and wine quality of Syrah vines conducted under autumn-winter season by double pruning approach. Syrah grapevines grafted onto 'Rupestris du Lot' and 'IAC 766' showed the highest pruning weight, while '110 Richter' and '161-49 Courdec' induced the lowest cane vigor. The average production of two seasons identified 'IAC 766', 'Kober 5BB' and 'Rupestris du Lot' as the most productive rootstocks. In both seasons, the grape quality was more influenced by the plant development status than by rootstocks. 'Syrah' wine from vigorous and high yielding rootstocks, 'IAC 766' and 'Rupestris du Lot', showed satisfactory wine phenolic composition and alcohol/acidity balance. This study showed that vigorous rootstock increased yield without compromising grape and winter wine quality of Syrah grapevines subjected to double pruning management in the Brazilian Southeast.(AU)
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1
Localização: BR68.1