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Morfological modifications on the vagina in Bos indicus". during the sexual cicle / Modificações morfológicas de vagina de "Bos indicus" durante o ciclo estral

Guimarães Ferri, Antonio; de Fatis Tabarelli Neto, José; de Gracia Pinto, Abelardo.
Braz. j. vet. res. anim. sci; 6(2): 231-248, 1958.
Artigo em Português | VETINDEX-Express | ID: vti-727561


The authors studied the morphological modifications of the vagina in "Bos indicus during the sexual cycle, on 18 animals, sacrified in different periods after clinical observation. Anatomical and histological pictures are described and the results are analised based on the literature, which allows the following conclusions: I Based on material examined it seems that there are no differences between morphological modifications in vagina during estral cicle of the indian and european bovines. II In the immatured animals, we found a morphological variation on the vagina, probably related to hormonal ovary activity. III Indian as european bovines present correlation between histological modifications on the vagina and ovary. IV Histological pictures observed in the vagina suggest that there is true mucigenic tubular glands and mucosae folds. V It was variable plasmocitic infiltration in the vaginal mucosae, probably in dependence of cyclic modifications.
O artigo apresenta resumo em inglês.
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