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Babesia spp. and Ehrlichia chaffeensis infection in Dogs from Southeastern Bahia, Brazil

Vitor Harvey, Tatiani; Fontes Veloso, Jéssica; Ribeiro Santos, Milane; Siles Assunção, Maíra; Sauer, Leonardo; Elisa Brandão Guedes, Paula; Nascimento de Andrade Oliveira, Thais; Rego Albuquerque, George; Lessa Silva, Fabiana; Dias Munhoz, Alexandre; Santiago Alberto Carlos, Renata.
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX-Express | ID: vti-730801


Background: Tickborne diseases are frequent in tropical countries such as Brazil. Protozoa of the Babesia genus and bacteria of the Ehrlichia genus spread throughout the country with high prevalences in urban and rural areas, causing clinical or subclinical diseases in dogs. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of infection from Babesia spp. and Ehrlichia chaffeensis in the dog population in the municipality of Ituberá, Bahia, Brazil, and to verify the risk factors associated with the infections.Materials, Methods & Results: A cross-sectional study was conducted, consisting of the following procedures: clinical examination and blood samples collection from 380 dogs and application of a structure questionnaire to dog owners to collect epidemiological data. All dogs were evaluated for the presence of ticks and clinical signs associated with the infections. Blood samples were collected and tested for Babesia spp. through capillary blood smears, indirect immunofluorescence assays (IFAT), and polymerase chain reaction (PCR); all the samples were also tested for E. chaffeensis through nested PCR. Intra-erythrocyte piroplasms were visualized in the blood smears of two animals (2/380; 0.5%) in the cytology exams. Anti-B. canis antibodies were detected in 140/380 (36.8%) dogs, at 1:40 dilution. By PCR, 147/380 (38.7%) dogs tested positive for infection by Babesia sp., but
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1