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Total Intravenous Anesthesia with Propofol Associated with Fentanyl, Lidocaine or Ketamine in Bitches Submitted to Elective Ovariohysterectomy

Monzem, Samuel; Roberto Spiller, Paulo; Bassil Moro Dower, Nathalie; Ghisi Gomes, Lianna; Bassinello Stocco, Matias; Soares Castro de Oliveira, Anderson; Niederauer Flôres, Fabiola; Dambrósio Guimarães, Luciana.
Acta Sci. vet.; 45(1)2017.
Artigo em Inglês | VETINDEX-Express | ID: vti-731211


Background: Total intravenous anesthesia with propofol is an alternative to inhalation anesthesia because it offers smoother anesthetic recovery, however, since propofol does not have adequate analgesic action, it is necessary to associate it with some drug to avoid the pain process. In addition, the combination may minimize cardiovascular depression resulting from continuous infusion of propofol by reducing infusion rate. The aim of this study was to evaluate cardiorespiratory parameters and anesthetic recovery in bitches submitted to continuous infusion of fentanyl, lidocaine and ketamine associated with total intravenous anesthesia with propofol and submitted to elective ovariohisterectomy.Materials, Methods & Results: Twenty-four bitches were medicated intramuscularly with 0.03 mg/kg of acepromazine. After 30 min, they were divided into three groups with different analgesic treatments: group F (GF) received a loading dose (LD) of 0.0036 mg/kg fentanyl, followed by continuous infusion of 0.0036 mg/kg/h; group L (GL), LD of 3 mg/kg lidocaine, followed by 3 mg/kg/h and group K (GK), LD of 0.6 mg/kg ketamine, followed by 0.6 mg/kg/h. First a LD of analgesic treatment was administered, followed by induction (to the effect) and beginning of continuous infusion of the analgesic treatment and propofol. The animals were intubated with endotracheal tube of adequate size, and conn
Biblioteca responsável: BR68.1