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Study of stereopsis using a depth sensation detection platform equipped with computer vision technology (DALE3D) / Estudio de estereopsis mediante una plataforma de detección de sensaciones de profundidad equipada con tecnología de visión por ordenador (DALE3D)

Porcar Plana, Carmen Alejandra; Campos Mollo, Ezequiel; Boronat Seguí, Fernando; Lledó Riquelme, María Dolores; Marfil Regero, Daniel; Silvestre Beneito, Clara; Peris Martínez, Cristina.
J. optom. (Internet); 17(3): [100491], jul.-sept2024. ilus, tab, graf
Artículo en Inglés | IBECS (España) | ID: ibc-231873
Background and


The invention described herein is a prototype based on computer vision technology that measures depth perception and is intended for the early examination of stereopsis. Materials and


The prototype (software and hardware) is a depth perception measurement system that consists on (a) a screen showing stereoscopic models with a guide point that the subject must point to; (b) a camera capturing the distance between the screen and the subject's finger; and (c) a unit for recording, processing and storing the captured measurements. For test validation, the reproducibility and reliability of the platform were calculated by comparing results with standard stereoscopic tests. A demographic study of depth perception by subgroup analysis is shown. Subjective comparison of the different tests was carried out by means of a satisfaction survey.


We included 94 subjects, 25 children and 69 adults, with a mean age of 34.2 ± 18.9 years; 36.2 % were men and 63.8 % were women. The DALE3D platform obtained good repeatability with an interclass correlation coefficient (ICC) between 0.94 and 0.87, and coefficient of variation (CV) between 0.1 and 0.26. Threshold determining optimal and suboptimal results was calculated for Randot and DALE3D test. Spearman's correlation coefficient, between thresholds was not statistically significant (p value > 0.05). The test was considered more visually appealing and easier to use by the participants (90 % maximum score).


The DALE3D platform is a potentially useful tool for measuring depth perception with optimal reproducibility rates. Its innovative design makes it a more intuitive tool for children than current stereoscopic tests. Nevertheless, further studies will be needed to assess whether the depth perception measured by the DALE3D platform is a sufficiently reliable parameter to assess stereopsis.(AU)
Biblioteca responsable: ES1.1
Ubicación: ES15.1 - BNCS