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AT1-receptor mediated vascular damage in myocardium, kidneys and liver in rats / Lesão vascular mediada pelo receptor AT1 esses efeitos em miocárdio, rins e fígado de ratos

Vailati, Maria do Carmo Fernandez; Rocha, Noeme Souza; Matsubara, Luiz Shiguero; Padovani, Carlos Roberto; Schwartz, Denise Saretta; Matsubara, Beatriz Bojikian.
Pesqui. vet. bras; 30(7): 605-611, July 2010. ilus, tab
Artículo en Inglés | LILACS | ID: lil-557307
The systemic aspect of vascular damage induced by angiotensin II (ANG II) has been poorly explored in the literature. Considering the presence of ANG II and its specific receptor AT1, in several organs, all tissues might be potentially affected by its effects. The aims of this study were To evaluate the early histological changes in the heart, liver and kidneys, produced by ANG II infusion, to evaluate the protective effect of losartan. Wistar rats were distributed into three groups control (no treatment), treated with ANG II, and treated with ANG II + losartan. ANG II was continuously infused over 72 hours by subcutaneous osmotic pumps. Histological sections of the myocardium, kidneys and liver were stained and observed for the presence of necrosis. There were ANG II-induced perivascular inflammation and necrosis of the arteriolar wall in the myocardium, kidney, and liver by, which were partially prevented by losartan. There was no significant correlation between heart and kidney damage. Tissue lesion severity was lower than that of vascular lesions, without statistical difference between groups. ANG II causes vascular injury in the heart, kidneys and liver, indicating a systemic vasculotoxic effect; the mechanisms of damage/protection vary depending on the target organ; perivascular lesions may occur even when anti-hypertensive doses of losartan are used.
Biblioteca responsable: BR68.1