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Attitudes of adolescent Spanish Roma toward noninjection drug use and risky sexual behavior.

Garcia de Cortazar, Ainhoa Rodriguez; Cabrera Leon, Andres; Hernan Garcia, Mariano; Jimenez Nunez, Juan Manuel.
Qual Health Res; 19(5): 605-20, 2009 May.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-19299254
Our objective with this study was to analyze the opinions of a potentially socially marginalized group of Spanish Roma adolescents and young adults about noninjection drug use, HIV infection, and risky sexual behavior. Descriptive qualitative research was conducted through focus groups with Roma participants and semistructured interviews with professionals who work with them in areas such as education and health promotion. Results were triangulated by cross analysis among researchers. Declared drug consumption is lower among females than males. The former claim they do not maintain sporadic sexual relations, and link risky sexual practices to being in love and involved in a stable relationship. Males only use condoms in sporadic sexual relations. They attribute their lack of condom use to lost sensitivity, perceiving sex as something uncontrollable, and not having condoms available when using drugs. Results suggest the need to improve actions aimed at preventing the sexual transmission of HIV among the Roma population.