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[What we mean when we talk about "community health". SESPAS Report 2018]. / ¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de «salud comunitaria¼? Informe SESPAS 2018.

Sobrino Armas, Carlos; Hernán García, Mariano; Cofiño, Rafael.
Gac Sanit; 32 Suppl 1: 5-12, 2018 10.
Artículo en Español | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30266477
"Community health" is a widely used term in our context. Although interest in the concept has gradually increased over the past decade, we believe the term is still vague. Therefore, we think a better working definition is required. We conducted a review of the specialized literature on the topic. This was later contrasted with the professional backgrounds of the authors, as well as with the results of field work consisting of interviews with individuals with recognized experience and intellectual authority in the area. As a result, we intend to clarify some core terms to achieve a better working definition of community health; we describe the main theoretical influences on the formation of the term; we propose some levels of community action that could be developed through the primary health care and public health services; and finally, we identify some core aspects that should be taken into account in every action for improving community health.