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[How to adapt qualitative research to confinement contexts]. / Cómo adaptar una investigación cualitativa a contextos de confinamiento.

Hernán-García, Mariano; Lineros-González, Carmen; Ruiz-Azarola, Ainhoa.
Gac Sanit; 2020 Jul 14.
Artículo en Español | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32680659
The confinement of the population, researchers, shows the need to adapt the qualitative methodology, techniques and tools, to the current context generated by COVID-19. The Internet and the social media allow the collection of textual data, sequences, images or narratives about a limited reality for access to it in person. We enter the era of e-research, nuancing and reorienting the observation, conversation, collection and analysis of information. Currently, we are working on techniques and models of good practice in this area. This note includes data collection tools used in qualitative research in health sciences, a selection of techniques for qualitative online research is made, and 10 rules for the design of an e-research of this type are provided.