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Cytotoxic activity of butanolic extract from Sambucus nigra L. flowers in natura and vehiculated in micelles in bladder cancer cells and fibroblasts.

Pereira, Deise Inocêncio; Amparo, Tatiane Roquete; Almeida, Tamires Cunha; Costa, Fernanda Senna Ferreira; Brandão, Geraldo Célio; Santos, Orlando David Henrique Dos; da Silva, Glenda Nicioli; Bianco de Souza, Gustavo Henrique.
Nat Prod Res; : 1-9, 2020 Nov 25.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33238766
Bladder cancer has a high incidence and recurrence rate among patients worldwide. This study aimed to evaluate the cytotoxic activity of fractions of Sambucus nigra L. flower extracts on bladder carcinoma cells (T24 cells) and human fibroblast cells (MRC-5). The butanolic fraction (F-BuOH) was characterized by UPLC-DAD-MS/MS and nine flavonoids were identified. Rutin was the major compound. The cytotoxic activity of this fraction was observed in the T24 cells but not in MRC-5 cells, indicating selectivity. F-BuOH was incorporated in micellar solutions of Pluronic® F127 and cytotoxic effect for T24 cells was observed again. In vitro assay demonstrated a controlled release of the fraction from the micelles. The results obtained showed that flavonoids are the possible responsible for cytotoxic activity in bladder carcinoma cells. In addition, micellar solutions act together to increase the action of the butanolic fraction.