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Feeding sources and natural infection of Belminus herreri (Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae) from dwellings in Cesar, Colombia

Sandoval, Claudia Magaly; Duarte, Rosemere; Gutíerrez, Reinaldo; Rocha, Dayse da Silva; Angulo, Victor Manuel; Esteban, Lida; Reyes, Marlen; Jurberg, José; Galvão, Cleber.
Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz; 99(2): 137-140, Mar. 2004. ilus
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS | ID: lil-360965
Belminus herreri, originally described from specimens collected in Panama, was considered entirely silvatic until to 2000 when it was found for the first time in a domestic habitat in Colombia. In 2001, during a new search of houses in the Department of Cesar, Colombia, 121 specimens were collected. Study of their feeding sources using an ELISA test revealed that 96 percent of these specimens had fed on cockroaches (Blattidae). However, a small proportion of these B. herreri specimens also showed the presence of Trypanosoma cruzi in their gut contents, suggesting a possible role for these insects in the epidemiology of Chagas disease.
Biblioteca responsável: BR1.1