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Acetilcisteína: Una actualización clínica y farmacológica sobre su efecto mucolítico. Estudio de revisión / Acetylcisteine. A clinical and pharmacological actualization with special. Reference to its mucolytic efect

Barrera-Ortiz, José Carlos; Barranco-Cuevas, Irma Aidé; Vázquez-Cruz, Eduardo; Montiel-Jarquín, Alvaro José; Loria-Castellano, Jorge; López-Colombo, Aurelio; García-Galicia, Arturo; Gaytán-Fernández, Suemmy.
Prensa méd. argent; 105(10): 667-677, oct 2019. fig, graf
Espanhol | LILACS | ID: biblio-1025940
The authors present a clinical and farmacological evaluation of the effect and safety of N-acetylcysteine in chronic obstructive diseases. The N-actylcysteine (NAC) is a sulphorated amino acid employed as an mucolytic agent. The efficacy and tolerability of oral NAC as compared with other agents was determined, in the mucolytic treatment on mucus hypersecretion and in the management of respiratory tract fluids and sputums from cigarette smokers, and also as a bronchial mucus fluidifying agent. A sistematic review and analysis of the effect of NAC and its effectiveness. In the treatment of acute respiratory disorders in children was determined
Biblioteca responsável: AR392.1