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The use of new practices for assessment of body condition score / El Uso de las nuevas prácticas para la evaluación de la condición corporal

Deniz, Alic Ural.
Rev. MVZ Córdoba; 21(1): 5154-5162, Jan.-Apr. 2016. ilus, tab
Inglês | LILACS | ID: lil-797429
Objective. Two body condition scoring systems were compared to those of interpretation of cow's body condition at a local farm located in Aydin region, Turkey. Materials and methods. A total of 50 head Holstein-Friesian cows at 1st-4rd parity (mid-lactation), raised at a private dairy farm located in Aydin, Turkey was constituted the animal material of the present study. Scores were obtained by use of the primary systems utilized within the US (1-5 scale with 0.25 intervals) and compared to those of Bayer Health Care Animal Health's BCS Cowdition Smartphone App. Results. The overall means of BCS were found as 3.37±0.068 and 3.45±0.060 for BCS Cowdition and USBCS, respectively. The positive correlation among BCS Cowdition and USBCS systems was found as 0.81 in evaluating body condition (p<0.01). The positive linear relationship (p<0.001) was found between BCS Cowdition and USBCS systems (R²=0.66). The linear relationship between the latter assessment methods demonstrated that both usual and digital systems tended to scare cows similarly. Conclusions. This comparison represented progress within the understanding of the relationship between these two systems. Moreover, it may be suggested that BCS Cowdition Smartphone App. may be a good alternative for interpretation of BCS.
Biblioteca responsável: CO332