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Assessment of the response of patients with Crohn's disease to biological therapy using new non-invasive markers: lactoferrin and calprotectin.

Nogueira, Islaine Martins; Miszputen, Sender Jankiel; Ambrogini, Orlando; Artigiani-Neto, Ricardo; Carvente, Cláudia Teresa; Zanon, Maria Ivani.
Arq Gastroenterol; 50(2): 130-7, 2013 04.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-23903623
CONTEXT: The use of fecal markers to monitor Crohn's disease is crucial for assessing the response to treatment.


To assess the inflammatory activity of Crohn's disease by comparing fecal markers (calprotectin and lactoferrin), colonoscopy combined with biopsy, and the Crohn's disease activity index (CDAI), as well as serum markers, before treatment with infliximab, after the end of induction, and after the end of maintenance.


Seventeen patients were included who had been previously diagnosed with Crohn's disease and were using conventional treatment but required the introduction of biological therapy with infliximab. Each patient underwent a colonoscopy with biopsy, serum, and fecal (calprotectin and lactoferrin) tests to assess inflammatory activity, and CDAI assessments before treatment with infliximab, after induction (week 8), and after maintenance (week 32).


The calprotectin levels exhibited significant reductions (P=0.04) between the assessment before treatment with infliximab and the end of induction, which did not occur after the end of the maintenance phase. Lactoferrin remained positive throughout the three phases of the study. Regarding the histological assessment, a significant difference was found only between the assessment before treatment and after the end of maintenance (P=0.036), and 60% of the patients exhibited histological improvements after the completion of the follow-up period. The CDAI exhibited a significant difference between the assessment before treatment with infliximab and after induction, as well as before treatment and after maintenance (P<0.01).


Calprotectin and lactoferrin are not useful for monitoring inflammatory activity in Crohn's disease patients who are subjected to biological therapy.