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Nurse Credentials: What Is the Economic Value?

Spetz, Joanne.
Nurs Econ; 32(5): 268-9, 2014.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26267971
A workshop sponsored by the Institute of Medicine brought together health care leaders to focus on the impact of credentials on nurse, patient, and organization outcomes. Demonstrating the value of credentials is very challenging. Does the credential cause improvement? Or does it simply indicate which organizations are the better performers (and thus does not cause improvement)? As our health care system moves toward rewarding the value of health care, proponents of credentials will need to demonstrate credentials reflect true differences in the capacity to deliver health care. Credentialing is expensive; thus, it is imperative to critically assess the overall value of credentials, whether some credentials are more important than others, and how to support attainment of the most important credentials.