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Prawne obowiazki chorych lub podejrzanych o zachorowanie na gruzlice oraz osób z ich otoczenia. / [Duties of TB patients or suspected patients and their close relations].

Zielonka, Tadeusz M.
Wiad Lek; 68 Spec No: 24-9, 2015.
Polonês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26466461
The effective laws impose the duty upon TB patients or persons suspected to have TB as well as their close relations to undergo compulsory sanitary and epidemiological examinations. Furthermore, treatment is also mandatory and in case of infective patients hospitalization and isolation. Duty does not however denote enforcement, which is required in certain particularly dangerous infectious diseases. Poland operates a system of mandatory TB vaccination applicable, today, only to infants. Persons suspected of TB have the obligation to provide necessary information helping in diagnosing the disease or helping to find the source of infection and transmission of the disease. TB patients are under obligation to discontinue performing their work to prevent the disease from spreading to other persons.