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Evaluation of economic effects of population ageing--methodology of estimating indirect costs.

Schubert, Agata; Czech, Marcin; Gebska-Kuczerowska, Anita.
Przegl Epidemiol; 69(3): 529-35, 637-42, 2015.
Inglês, Polonês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26519851
Process of demographic ageing, especially in recent decades, is steadily growing in dynamics and importance due to increasing health-related needs and expectations with regard to a guarantee of social services. Elaboration of the most effective model of care, tailored to Polish conditions, requires an estimation of actual costs of this care, including indirect costs which are greatly related to informal care. The fact that the costs of informal care are omitted, results from a determined approach to analyses. It is discussed only from a perspective of budget for health and does not cover societal aspects. In such situation, however, the costs borne by a receiver of services are neglected. As a consequence, the costs of informal care are underestimated or often excluded from calculations, even if they include indirect costs. Comprehensive methodological approach for estimating the costs of informal care seems to be important for a properly conducted economic evaluation in health care sector.