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Minderjährige Opfer von Gewalttaten im Verfahren des Opferentschädigungsgesetzes. / [Minor Victims of Violent Acts in the Context of the Victim Reparation Law].

Hellwig, Katharina; Kröger, Christoph; Franke, Stefanie; Wehrmeyer, Matthias; Heinrichs, Nina.
Z Kinder Jugendpsychiatr Psychother; 46(2): 123-132, 2018 Mar.
Alemão | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28165300


A descriptive analysis of victim compensation applications for children and adolescents as well as sociodemographic and trauma-specific information concerning victims and perpetrators.


We did analysis of 100 victim-compensation application files based on a self-developed category system.


The files included solely interpersonal trauma, 59 % of which are type II trauma. The most frequent form is sexual violence. The perpetrators stem mostly from children's homes or peripherals. 79 % of the victims received a diagnosis of a mental disorder, most often posttraumatic stress disorder.


Sexually abused children and adolescents make up the majority of the target population in OEG-related trauma outpatient units. Such outpatient units should therefore offer a specific expertise in treating sexually abused children and adolescents.