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Our Contributions in Nanochemistry for Antibiosis, Electrocatalyst and Energy Storage Materials.

Zhang, Jian; Xu, Jing; Wang, Yan; Xue, Huaiguo; Pang, Huan.
Chem Rec; 18(1): 91-104, 2018 Jan.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28719073
This account mainly introduces and reviews our recent progress in three projects: antibacterial nanomaterial, electrocatalyst for detecting and electrode nanomaterial of energy storage device, especially the supercapacitor. Besides, our thought and idea about the design, fabrication and application of corresponding nanomaterials are sketched throughout the whole article in order to reveal the structure-function relationship and corresponding mechanism. In the end, we tend to attach importance to the bottleneck of nanomaterial's development and put forward our understanding in this field.