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Effect of mass housing settlement type on the comfortable open areas in terms of noise.

Akdag, Nese Yügrük; Gedik, Gülay Zorer; Kiraz, Fatih; Sener, Bekir.
Environ Monit Assess; 189(10): 504, 2017 Sep 12.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28900783
The layout of the structures according to the noise source is an important parameter in terms of the level of noise reaching to both open usage areas and the structure surfaces. In this paper, it is aimed to reveal the effect of mass housing settlement type on the size of suitable open usage areas in terms of noise. Comfortable open usage areas in 25 mass housing alternatives are determined for the case of being affected by three different road noises. The reliability of the simulation results is validated by on-site noise level measurements. As a result, it is seen that better results are obtained in linear, L, C, and U type alternatives than point-type blocks. Especially in alternatives consisting of point-and linear-type blocks, if the noise level is above 75 Leq (dBA), the percentage of comfortable open usage areas is very low. It is determined that the percentage of comfortable open areas increases between 50 and 100% by means of appropriately designed noise barriers.