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Environmental variables and errors in the preparation and administration of medicines.

Pereira, Francisco Gilberto Fernandes; Ataíde, Márcia Barroso Camilo de; Silva, Ricardo Leal; Néri, Eugenie Desirèe Rabelo; Carvalho, Gerdane Celene Nunes; Caetano, Joselany Áfio.
Rev Bras Enferm; 71(3): 1046-1054, 2018 May.
Português, Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29924150


to identify the relationship between environmental factors and errors in the preparation and administration of antibacterial.


an observational, cross-sectional study conducted between August and December, 2014 in two clinical units. The sample consisted of 265 doses of medication, observed in different shifts that through a form had the environmental conditions of noise, illumination, humidity, temperature and physical space measured in the preparation and administration stages.


the physical dimension for the preparation was inadequate in one unit (3.8m2), and the items illumination, temperature and noise were extremely oscillating in the three shifts and in the two clinics, with averages generally higher than the recommended for the hospital environment, however, variations in illumination and noise were not statistically significant to cause dose errors or erroneous medicine choice (p> 0.05).


the environmental variables analyzed may favor medication errors in both the preparation and administration stages.