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Effect of biosurfactant extract obtained from the corn-milling industry on probiotic bacteria in drinkable yogurt.

López-Prieto, Alejandro; Rodríguez-López, Lorena; Rincón-Fontán, Myriam; Moldes, Ana B; Cruz, José M.
J Sci Food Agric; 99(2): 824-830, 2019 Jan 30.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30003538


Recent studies have proven that biosurfactants (BS) obtained from controlled fermentation have shown surfactant and antimicrobial properties. In this work a biosurfactant extract obtained from a raw agroindustrial stream from the corn-milling industry was introduced into a drinkable probiotic yogurt containing Lactobacillus casei.


The effect of the biosurfactant extract on the probiotic population was determined under different biosurfactant concentration, temperature, and time conditions. This extract was able to reduce the surface tension of water by 30 mN/m and it was observed that its addition to a drinkable probiotic yogurt did not negatively affect the biomass of L. casei during incubation. It also had a positive effect on the population of L. casei, increasing the growth of the probiotic bacterium in the yogurt under optimum temperature conditions for the growth of L. casei, in the range of 30-40 °C. Likewise, the biosurfactant extract did not modify the homofermentative pathway of L. casei; hence no acetic acid was detected in the presence of the biosurfactant extract in the drinkable yogurt.


This is the first time that a biosurfactant extract, obtained from natural sources, has been introduced into a food product like a drinkable probiotic yogurt, producing a positive effect in the growth of probiotic bacterium. © 2018 Society of Chemical Industry.