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Morin-dependent inhibition of low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase (LMW-PTP) restores sensitivity to apoptosis during colon carcinogenesis: Studies in vitro and in vivo, in an Apc-driven model of colon cancer.

Lori, Giulia; Paoli, Paolo; Femia, Angelo Pietro; Pranzini, Erica; Caselli, Anna; Tortora, Katia; Romagnoli, Andrea; Raugei, Giovanni; Caderni, Giovanna.
Mol Carcinog; 58(5): 686-698, 2019 05.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30582224
LMW-PTP has been associated with the development of colorectal cancer (CRC) and with the resistance to chemotherapy in cancer cells. To clarify its role in vivo, we studied LMW-PTP expression in Pirc rats (F344/NTac-Apc am1137 ), genetically prone to CRC and resistant to apoptosis. In the morphologically normal mucosa (NM) of Pirc rats, a dramatic over-expression of LMW-PTP was found compared to wt rats (about 60 times higher). Moreover, LMW-PTP levels further increase in spontaneously developed Pirc colon tumors. To understand if and how LMW-PTP affects resistance to apoptosis, we studied CRC cell lines, sensitive (HT29 and HCT-116), or resistant (HT29R, HCT116R) to 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) resistant cells over-express LMW-PTP. When resistant cells were challenged with morin, a polyphenol inhibiting LMW-PTP, a fast and dose-related down-regulation of LMW-PTP was observed. 5-FU and morin co-treatment dramatically decreased cell viability, increased apoptosis, and significantly impaired self-renewal ability of all the cancer cell lines we have studied. Similarly, we observed that, in Pirc rats, one-week morin administration (50 mg/kg) down-regulated LMW-PTP and restored the apoptotic response to 5-FU in the NM. Finally, administration of morin for a longer period led to a significant reduction in colon precancerous lesions, together with a down-regulation of LMW-PTP. Taken together, these results document the involvement of LMW-PTP in the process of CRC in vitro and in vivo. Morin treatment may be envisaged as a system to increase the sensitivity to chemotherapy and to prevent carcinogenesis.