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Targeting host lipid flows: Exploring new antiviral and antibiotic strategies.

Fernández-Oliva, Alberto; Ortega-González, Paula; Risco, Cristina.
Cell Microbiol; 21(3): e12996, 2019 03.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30585688
Bacteria and viruses pose serious challenges for humans because they evolve continuously. Despite ongoing efforts, antiviral drugs to treat many of the most troubling viruses have not been approved yet. The recent launch of new antimicrobials is generating hope as more and more pathogens around the world become resistant to available drugs. But extra effort is still needed. One of the current strategies for antiviral and antibiotic drug development is the search for host cellular pathways used by many different pathogens. For example, many viruses and bacteria alter lipid synthesis and transport to build their own organelles inside infected cells. The characterization of these interactions will be fundamental to identify new targets for antiviral and antibiotic drug development. This review discusses how viruses and bacteria subvert cell machineries for lipid synthesis and transport and summarises the most promising compounds that interfere with these pathways.