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The value of elective placements.

Quarrell, Catherine; Clifford, Laura.
Pract Midwife; 20(1): 19-22, 2017 Jan.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30730628
This article discusses the value of an elective placement, for finalist student midwives, to a range of health care facilities in Uganda. It uses Race's (2015) 'seven factors to facilitate learning' to analyse the effectiveness of elective placements in promoting deep learning and personal development. It is evident from the student evaluation of the placement that both of these outcomes were achieved. However the learning varied, depending on the individual; hence some students focused more on their personal development whilst others recognised the contributing factors which impact on maternity care. The article also identifies that preparation and managing student expectations were key to facilitating a conducive learning environment. This was enhanced by tutor-led interaction and discussion, thus encouraging deep learning.The students'experience resulted in a greater awareness of the variation in how individuals are valued and of cultural practices.