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Modelling cumulative egg production in laying hens and parent stocks of broiler chickens using classical growth functions.

Darmani Kuhi, H; France, J.
Br Poult Sci; 60(5): 564-569, 2019 Oct.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31140854
1. The objective of the present study is to introduce fresh insight into modelling of egg production by applying classical growth functions to egg production records reported by Aviagen Management Guide to laying hens and the parent stock of broiler chickens. 2. The functions (monomolecular, logistic, Gompertz, Richards and Morgan) were fitted using nonlinear regression procedures of SAS software, and their performance was assessed using goodness-of-fit statistics (coefficient of determination, residual mean squares, Akaike information criterion and Bayesian information criterion). 3. Overall, except for the logistic and Gompertz, the growth functions evaluated gave an acceptable fit to the cumulative egg production curves, with the Morgan equation ranking first followed by the Richards equation. The Morgan and Richards equations provided satisfactory predictions of weekly egg yield at different egg production stages, from early to late production, whereas the least accurate estimates were obtained with the logistic equation. 4. In conclusion, classical growth functions proved feasible alternatives to fit cumulative egg production curves of laying hens and parent stock of broiler chickens, resulting in suitable statistical performance and accurate estimates of production.