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Water-Soluble Glutamic Acid Derivatives Produced in Culture by Penicillium solitum IS1-A from King George Island, Maritime Antarctica.

Rodríguez, Julie P G; Bernardi, Darlon I; Gubiani, Juliana R; Magalhães de Oliveira, Juliana; Morais-Urano, Raquel P; Bertonha, Ariane F; Bandeira, Karin F; Bulla, Jairo I Q; Sette, Lara D; Ferreira, Antonio G; Batista, João M; Silva, Thayná de Souza; Santos, Raquel Alves Dos; Martins, Carlos H G; Lira, Simone P; Cunha, Marcos G da; Trivella, Daniela B B; Grazzia, Nathalia; Gomes, Natália E S; Gadelha, Fernanda; Miguel, Danilo C; Cauz, Ana Carolina G; Brocchi, Marcelo; Berlinck, Roberto G S.
J Nat Prod; 83(1): 55-65, 2020 01 24.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31895573
A new method of screening was developed to generate 770 organic and water-soluble fractions from extracts of nine species of marine sponges, from the growth media of 18 species of marine-derived fungi, and from the growth media of 13 species of endophytic fungi. The screening results indicated that water-soluble fractions displayed significant bioactivity in cytotoxic, antibiotic, anti-Leishmania, anti-Trypanosoma cruzi, and inhibition of proteasome assays. Purification of water-soluble fractions from the growth medium of Penicillium solitum IS1-A provided the new glutamic acid derivatives solitumine A (1), solitumine B (2), and solitumidines A-D (3-6). The structures of compounds 1-6 have been established by analysis of spectroscopic data, chemical derivatizations, and vibrational circular dichroism calculations. Although no biological activity could be observed for compounds 1-6, the new structures reported for 1-6 indicate that the investigation of water-soluble natural products represents a relevant strategy in finding new secondary metabolites.