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Validity and consistency of an outpatient department user satisfaction rapid scale.

García-Galicia, Arturo; Díaz-Díaz, José Francisco; Montiel-Jarquín, Álvaro José; González-López, Akihiki Mizuki; Vázquez-Cruz, Eduardo; Morales-Flores, Carlos Francisco.
Gac Med Mex; 156(1): 47-52, 2020.
Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32026871


User satisfaction is key to define and assess the quality of care; however, there is no patient satisfaction rapid scale in Mexico. Our objective was to determine the validity and consistency of an outpatient department user satisfaction rapid scale (ERSaPaCE).


Comparative, observational, cross-sectional, prolective study. In phase 1, a rapid scale model was developed, which was submitted to experts in medical care for assessment; the instrument was pilot-tested in 10-patient groups, using as many rounds as required until it obtained 20 approvals. In phase 2, the resulting questionnaire and the Outpatient Service User Satisfaction (SUCE) scale were applied to outpatient department users. ERSaPaCE was reapplied by telephone 10 days later. Descriptive statistics, Cronbach's a, Spearman's correlation and intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) were used.


Two-hundred patients were recruited, out of which 53 % were aged 31-60 years; 51.5 % were women and 48.5 % men, all of them users of the outpatient services from 13 specialties. Cronbach's a for ERSaPaCE was 0.608, whereas ICC was 0.98 (p = 0.000). Convergent validity was 0.681 (p = 0.000) using Spearman's rho.


ERSaPaCE was a valid and consistent instrument for the assessment of outpatient department user satisfaction.