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The national ( United States ) disaster medical system : A survey and analysis

Clark, William D; Moskop, John C; Whitley, Theodore W.
Prehosp Disaster Med ; 6(1): 35-40, Jan.-Mar. 1991. ilus
Artículo en Inglés | Desastres | ID: des-11181
The National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) was formulated to provide medical care for casualities of future large-scale natural disster and military conflicts. We sent questionnaires to the 59 emergency medical directors of North carolona participating hospitals in order to assess their views regarding the need for NDMS and the level of their hospital preparedness. respondents also agreed that the participation of emergency department personnel other physicians and support personnel is essential for successful activation of NDMS. Response to questions regarding level of preparedness, however, suggested that there is less than an optimal degree of preparedness for participation in NDMS (AU)
Biblioteca responsable: CR3.1
Ubicación: CR3.1, DES