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The relationship between health promotion program participation and medical costs: a dose response.

Serxner, Seth A; Gold, Daniel B; Grossmeier, Jessica J; Anderson, David R.
J Occup Environ Med ; 45(11): 1196-200, 2003 Nov.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-14610401
The purpose of this research was to determine whether participation in the health risk assessment (HRA) component of a comprehensive health promotion program has an impact on medical costs, and whether the addition of participation in interventions has an incremental impact. Program participants (n = 13,048) were compared with nonparticipants (n = 13,363) to determine program impact on paid medical costs. Overall, HRA participants cost an average of $212 less than eligible nonparticipants. As HRA participation increased, cost savings also increased. Additionally, although participation in either an HRA or activities alone resulted in savings, participation in both yielded even greater benefits. The findings indicate that there is an independent benefit of each of these elements of participation, and that the sum of the elements provides a greater benefit than the impact of either of the individual elements alone.