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Pythium attrantheridium sp. nov.: taxonomy and comparison with related species.

Allain-Boulé, Nadine; Tweddell, Russell; Mazzola, Marc; Bélanger, Richard; Lévesque, C André.
Mycol Res ; 108(Pt 7): 795-805, 2004 Jul.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-15446713
Pythium attrantheridium sp. nov. is a new species isolated from cavity spot lesions of carrots as well as apple and cherry seedlings from various locations widely distributed in Canada and the USA. This fungus is closely related to the heterothallic P. intermedium, but is distinguished by (1) unique molecular characteristics; (2) unique morphological characteristics; and (3) mating incompatibility with P. intermedium. The ITS region of the nuclear rDNA of all strains of P. attrantheridium studied is different from that of all other known Pythium spp. The oogonia attract a large number of antheridia when compatible mating types contact each other. The positive mating type produces zoospores unlike those of P. intermedium. Thus, biological, morphological and molecular data support the recognition of a new species.