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A bioactive (1-->3)-, (1--4)-beta-D-glucan from Collybia dryophila and other mushrooms.

Pacheco-Sanchez, Maribel; Boutin, Yvan; Angers, Paul; Gosselin, André; Tweddell, Russell J.
Mycologia ; 98(2): 180-5, 2006.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-16894963
Polysaccharides from higher Basidiomycete mushrooms, mainly beta-D-glucans, are considered to be potent bioactive fungal compounds. In this study a beta-glucan (1.237 x 10(6) Da) consisting of (1-->3) and (1-->4) glucosidic linkages, named Collybia dryophila polysaccharide (CDP), was extracted from the wild mushroom C. dryophila. CDP was shown to strongly inhibit nitric oxide production in activated macrophages suggesting that this polysaccharide displays a potential anti-inflammatory activity. In addition it was shown that polysaccharides similar to CDP (CDP-like) are present in Lentinus edodes and different wild mushrooms collected in northeastern North America.