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The value of 'gentle reminder' on safe medical behaviour.

Erev, Ido; Rodensky, Dotan; Levi, Mark-Alain; Englard-Hershler, Michal; Admi, Hanna; Donchin, Yoel.
Qual Saf Health Care ; 19(5): e49, 2010 Oct.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20513789


Based on knowledge and methods from cognitive psychology and behavioural economics we introduced 'Gentle reminder.' This procedure calls for public planning of safety norms, and an agreement of all team members to help each other to adhere to this plan.


Team members agree to gently remind their coworkers every time they deviate from the safety norm. For the study, we observed the use of gloves during intravenous insertion and blood withdrawal. RESULTS AND


During the 2 years of observation, safe behaviour increased, if safe behaviour before implementation of the 'gentle reminder' was 55% in one ward; it increased after 2 months to above 80%; 2 months later, it was 83% and 90%; and finally it stabilised on 90%. A similar pattern was documented in all wards. This is one recommended way to overcome unsafe behaviour.