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I-SceI-mediated plasmid deletion and intra-molecular recombination in Spiroplasma citri.

Breton, Marc; Duret, Sybille; Béven, Laure; Dubrana, Marie-Pierre; Renaudin, Joël.
J Microbiol Methods ; 84(2): 216-22, 2011 Feb.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21129414
S. citri wild-type strain GII3 carries six plasmids (pSci1 to -6) that are thought to encode determinants involved in the transmission of the spiroplasma by its leafhopper vector. In this study we report the use of meganuclease I-SceI for plasmid deletion in S. citri. Plasmids pSci1NT-I and pSci6PT-I, pSci1 and pSci6 derivatives that contain the tetM selection marker and a unique I-SceI recognition site were first introduced into S. citri strains 44 (having no plasmid) and GII3 (carrying pSci1-6), respectively. Due to incompatibility of homologous replication regions, propagation of the S. citri GII3 transformant in selective medium resulted in the replacement of the natural pSci6 by pSci6PT-I. The spiroplasmal transformants were further transformed by an oriC plasmid carrying the I-SceI gene under the control of the spiralin gene promoter. In the S. citri 44 transformant, expression of I-SceI resulted in rapid loss of pSciNT-I showing that expression of I-SceI can be used as a counter-selection tool in spiroplasmas. In the case of the S. citri GII3 transformant carrying pSci6PT-I, expression of I-SceI resulted in the deletion of plasmid fragments comprising the I-SceI site and the tetM marker. Delineating the I-SceI generated deletions proved they had occurred though recombination between homologous sequences. To our knowledge this is the first report of I-SceI mediated intra-molecular recombination in mollicutes.