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The impact of a hypothetical designated driver program on intended alcohol-related behavior: an RCT.

Rowland, Bosco C; Wolfenden, Luke; Dodds, Pennie; Kingsland, Melanie; Gillham, Karen E; Wiggers, John H.
Health Promot Int ; 30(1): 7-15, 2015 Mar.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-25209918
UNLABELLED: This study was aimed to assess, using vignettes, the impact of a hypothetical 'designated driver' (DD) initiative on level of intended alcohol consumption. A secondary aim was to assess whether using any form of transport where someone else drove was associated with level of intended consumption. A total of 390 individual sports club members from 72 clubs in New South Wales, Australia, completed a telephone survey. Individuals were randomized into one of two groups: one receiving a hypothetical vignette where the sports club members drank in a setting that provided a DD program; and the other receiving a vignette where the setting in which sports club members drank did not have a DD program. Individuals in both groups were asked to estimate the amount of alcohol they would be likely to consume and the time over which they would consume alcohol, and to indicate the likely means of traveling home afterwards. No difference in the amount of alcohol intended to be consumed between those in the DD and the non-DD group was identified. However, secondary analysis identified that, after controlling for group allocation, greater alcohol consumption was reported by individuals who used transport that relied on someone else to drive them home. DD programs implemented in community sports clubs may not affect intended alcohol consumption by club members. However, using someone else to drive home was associated with greater alcohol consumption. To mitigate against this risk, licensed premises that implement safe transport strategies should consider the use of additional strategies to moderate alcohol consumption that may be inadvertently encouraged. TRIAL REGISTRATION: (Australian Clinical Trials Registry) ACTRN12611000831987.