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Screening of genes involved in epithelial-mesenchymal transition and differential expression of complement-related genes induced by PAX2 in renal tubules.

Wang, Xiu-Li; Hou, Ling; Zhao, Cheng-Guang; Tang, Ying; Zhang, Bo; Zhao, Jing-Ying; Wu, Yu-Bin.
Nephrology (Carlton) ; 24(2): 263-271, 2019 Feb.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29280536


The aim of the present study was to screen and verify downstream genes involved in the epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) induced by paired box 2 (PAX2) in NRK-52E cells.


NRK-52E cells were transfected with lentivirus carrying PAX2 gene or no-load virus respectively. Total RNA was isolated 72 h after transfection from PAX2-overexpressing cells and control cells. Isolated RNA was then hybridized with the Rat OneArray Plus expression profile chip. The chips were examined by Agilent 0.1 XDR to screen for differentially expressed genes, which were further analyzed to investigate complement-related genes as genes of interest.


In NRK-52E cells, PAX2 overexpression promoted EMT followed by upregulation of 298 genes and downregulation of 293 genes. KEGG analysis indicated the differential expression of genes related to cytokines and their receptors, extracellular matrix (ECM), MAPKs, local adhesion, cancer, the complement cascade, and coagulation. Gene oncology analysis screened out genes related to molecular functions (e.g., hydrolase activity, phospholipase activity, components of the ECM) and biological processes (e.g., cell development, signal transduction, phylogeny), and cell components (e.g., cytoplasm, cell membrane, and ECM). Analysis of the complement system revealed upregulation of C3 and downregulation of CD55 and complement regulator factor H (CFH).


PAX2 overexpression upregulates EMT in vitro and may regulate C3, CD55, and CFH.