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A short-term intervention combining aerobic exercise with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) is more ketogenic than either MCT or aerobic exercise alone: a comparison of normoglycemic and prediabetic older women.

Vandenberghe, Camille; Castellano, Christian-Alexandre; Maltais, Mathieu; Fortier, Mélanie; St-Pierre, Valérie; Dionne, Isabelle J; Cunnane, Stephen C.
Appl Physiol Nutr Metab ; 44(1): 66-73, 2019 Jan.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29986150
The objectives of this study were to determine (i) whether a 5-day aerobic exercise (AE) program combined with a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) supplement would increase the plasma ketone response in older women more than either intervention alone and (ii) whether ketonemia after these combined or separate treatments was alike in normoglycemic (NG) and prediabetic (PD) women. Older women (NG, n = 10; PD, n = 9) underwent a 4-h metabolic study after each of 4 different treatments (i) no treatment (control), (ii) 5 days of MCT alone (30 g·day-1), (iii) 1 session of 30 min of AE alone, and (iv) 5 days of MCT and AE combined (MCT+AE). Blood was sampled every 30 min over 4 h for analysis. In NG, MCT+AE induced the highest area under the curve (AUC) for plasma ketones (835 ± 341 µmol·h·L-1); this value was 69% higher than that observed with MCT alone (P < 0.05). AUCs were not different between MCT alone and MCT+AE in PD, but both treatments induced a significantly higher AUC than the control or AE alone (P < 0.05). Although there was a trend towards a higher ketone AUC in NG versus PD with AE alone (P = 0.091), there was no significant difference between the ketone AUCs in PD and NG. In conclusion, MCT+AE was more ketogenic in older women than MCT or AE alone. MCT+AE had a synergistic effect on ketonemia in NG but not in PD. Whether improving insulin sensitivity with a longer term AE intervention can improve the ketogenic effect of MCT in PD and thereby increase brain ketone uptake in older people merits further investigation.