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Trypanosoma cruzi actins: Expression analysis of actin 2.

Vizcaíno-Castillo, Andrea; Osorio-Méndez, Juan Felipe; Rubio-Ortiz, Margarita; Manning-Cela, Rebeca Georgina; Hernández, Roberto; Cevallos, Ana María.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun ; 513(2): 347-353, 2019 05 28.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30961931
The genome of Trypanosoma cruzi encodes for an expanded number of actins, myosins and actin binding proteins compared to Trypanosoma brucei or Leishmania spp. In T. cruzi only the expression of actin 1 (i.e. conventional actin) and profilin, an actin binding protein, has been described. In this work, the expression of a kinetoplastid-specific actin, named actin 2 (TcAct2; TriTryp Gene ID TcCLB.507129.10) was characterized in different developmental stages of T. cruzi. With the aid of a polyclonal antibody, we showed that TcAct2 is expressed throughout the life cycle of the parasite. Detergent fractionation of epimastigote extracts showed that this protein is cytosolic and is not associated with membrane or cytoskeletal fractions. The protein is localized along the cellular body and the flagellum in all parasite stages with a fine granular pattern and does not co-localize with actin 1. 2DE-immunoblotting studies demonstrated the presence of several variants of each actin. We also demonstrate that TcAct1 and TcAct2 have distinct subcellular distributions suggesting differential functions in this organism. The search of TcAct2 orthologues in the TriTrypDB, allowed the identification of this gene in other trypanosomatids, all of them restricted to the stercorarian clade. In addition, TcAct2 was also identified in the closely related non-trypanosomatid species Bodo saltans. Our findings are consistent with the appearance of a complex actin system early in the evolution of kinetoplastids.