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How RNAi machinery enters the world of telomerase.

Laudadio, Ilaria; Carissimi, Claudia; Fulci, Valerio.
Cell Cycle ; 18(10): 1056-1067, 2019 05.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31014212
Human telomerase holoenzyme consists of the catalytic component TERT and the template RNA TERC. However, a network of accessory proteins plays key roles in its assembly, localization and stability. Defects in genes involved in telomerase biology affect the renewal of critical stem cell populations and cause disorders such as telomeropathies. Moreover, activation of telomerase in somatic cells allows neoplastic cells to proliferate indefinitely, thus contributing to tumorigenesis. For these reasons, identification of new players involved in telomerase regulation is crucial for the determination of novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers. In the very last years, increasing evidence describes components of the RNAi machinery as a new layer of complexity in human telomerase activity. In this review, we will discuss how AGO2 and other proteins which collaborate with AGO2 in RNAi pathway play a pivotal role in TERC stability and function.