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The Predicted Long-Term Benefits of Ensuring Timely Treatment and Medication Adherence in Early Schizophrenia.

Horvitz-Lennon, Marcela; Predmore, Zachary; Orr, Patrick; Hanson, Mark; Hillestad, Richard; Durkin, Mike; El Khoury, Antoine C; Mattke, Soeren.
Adm Policy Ment Health ; 47(3): 357-365, 2020 05.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31745735
The impact of initiatives aimed at reducing time in untreated psychosis during early-stage schizophrenia will be unknown for many years. Thus, we simulate the effect of earlier treatment entry and better antipsychotic drug adherence on schizophrenia-related hospitalizations, receipt of disability benefits, competitive employment, and independent/family living over a ten-year horizon. We predict that earlier treatment entry reduces hospitalizations by 12.6-14.4% and benefit receipt by 7.0-8.5%, while increasing independent/family living by 41.5-46% and employment by 42-58%. We predict larger gains if a pro-adherence intervention is also used. Our findings suggest substantial benefits of timely and consistent early schizophrenia care.