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Peer support interventions for breast cancer patients: a systematic review.

Hu, Jieman; Wang, Xue; Guo, Shaoning; Chen, Fangfang; Wu, Yuan-Yu; Ji, Fu-Jian; Fang, Xuedong
Article [ PMID: 30600413 ] Language(s): English
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Laughter and the Chair: Social Pressures Influencing Scoring During Grant Peer Review Meetings.

Pier, Elizabeth L; Raclaw, Joshua; Carnes, Molly; Ford, Cecilia E; Kaatz, Anna
Article [ PMID: 30604119 ] Language(s): English
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Peer support opportunities across the cancer care continuum: a systematic scoping review of recent peer-reviewed literature.

Kowitt, Sarah D; Ellis, Katrina R; Carlisle, Veronica; Bhushan, Nivedita L; Black, Kristin Z; Brodar, Kaitlyn; Cranley, Nicole M; Davis, Kia L; Eng, Eugenia; Martin, Michelle Y; McGuirt, Jared; Sokol, Rebeccah L; Tang, Patrick Y; Vines, Anissa I; Walker, Jennifer S; Fisher, Edwin B
Article [ PMID: 30293093 ] Language(s): English
Results  1-10 de 9.261